Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dari wanita kepada wanita

Saya tertarik dengan artikel ni ketika sedang membaca blog Mama Cery. Artikel ni katanya di kongsikan oleh Master Puteri dalam group beliau. Jazakallah diatas perkongsian ni,izinkan saya mengabdikan didalam blog saya so bila2 masa saya boleh baca untuk menguatkan lagi hati dan dalaman saya InsyaAllah.


Assalam alaikum warahmatullah. I attended a talk that was given by Rayhaanah Omar, a very accomplished sister who is a haafidha and a motivational speaker for Muslim women. Her talk was titled 'The Confident Muslimah'. Here are some of the "pearls of wisdom" from that talk.

1. In the Oxford dictionary the definition of 'confidence' revolves around the self. However, from an Islamic perspective, confidence links you back to Allah. This means that you have complete faith and confidence in the abilities and talents Allah has blessed you with.
2. Make du'a to Allah to help you become more confident.
3. Think about your personal definition of confidence. Do you always have to follow everyone else and their way of doing things, even if you are not comfortable with it?
4. A big part of being confident is having a loving and forgiving heart
5. Another big part of having confidence revolves around trusting Allah completely i.e. "tawakkul". Whatever happens to you is for your absolute best, whether it be a sickness, a death or even bad grades. Because after every difficulty you faced, there was always relief..always some kind of miracle to get you out of it. Allah says in the Qur'an that with hardship comes ease..not before or after it, but with it.
6. What you are is a gift from Allah. What you become is your gift to Him.
❤So present yourself to Allah as a sincere servant in this life so that on the Day of Judgment, you can at least say that you tried your best❤
7. Think about the Day of Judgment and what you would say in answer to the Prophet (S) if he asks you: "What did you do for the Ummah?"
8. "I see a confident Muslim woman as someone who goes through difficult times and bounces right back."- Rayhaanah Omar
9. Any test that you have been given in life is given to you only because Allah knows that you, specifically, can pass it. Not me, not anyone else, but you.
10. Just like a teacher or invigilator in an exam, Allah is quiet when He gives you a test to go through in this life. He has already prepared you to pass that test. It's not meant to be easy but you are meant to overcome the struggles you face in this life.
11. You can't love someone deeply until you actually know them well. You can only have a deep love for the Prophet (S) when you learn about him, his character, his life and his sunnah. How will you love him if you don't know much about him? ("Shamaa'il at Tirmidhi" was stated as a reference here. My apologies for any spelling mistakes in the name).
❤Some characteristics of the Prophet (S)❤
1- WALK FAST (with purpose)
2- Dressed well (you don't always have to wear a black abaya. Colourful clothes, as long as they cover you and are loose are cool too. Aisha (R) had been reported to have worn burgundy and bottle-green clothes!)
3- Complimented others (when you see the beauty in others, you are able to sincerely admire the blessings Allah has given them and not be insecure about yourself)
4- Self-monitoring
5- Be humble
❤Techniques of gaining confidence❤
1- Put your trust in Allah every time, especially when you are afraid of something.
2- Whether your barriers are physical, mental or emotional, break them. Supersize your dreams.
3- Be brave and be bold. With every hardship, tell yourself "I am getting stronger".
4-Think about what your end goal in life is. What do you want to accomplish before death comes to you? Consider writing down what your ideal obituary would sound like (from a 3rd person perspective).
5- Allah wants His slaves to do good and to do it in an excellent manner. Ihsan."Everyday, every way, my good gets better and my better gets blessed".